News from the Shop!!

In this stressful time, we cannot express our appreciation and gratitude to those still venturing out. We are continually cleaning the common surfaces.

We also completely understand those choosing to stay at home. With this said, we’d like everyone to know that we are MORE than willing to help in any way we can. If you need something but don’t want to come in, just call and let us know what you need. We’ll be glad to bring it to you out in the car.

While we’ve cancelled classes and gatherings, we are still planning to be here our regular hours.

Lots of prayers will get us all through this!! Virtual hugs sent!!!

2 Replies to “News from the Shop!!”

  1. I bought the farm panel sheep horse chicken pig. When I cut them apart they don’t fit together. I was going to put a window pane border around them but they do t fit back together. Help any ideas?Thx

    1. Janet – There is a pattern on, “farm charm”, that you could look at. It is pretty close to what I would suggest and have done in the past with panels that aren’t the same size. Hope this helps!! Sorry for the delay.

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